Dimplex Ignite Evolve 50-inch linear electric fireplace insert (from $3399.99 Also available in 60, 74 & 100 inches)


The Ignite® series (XLF, Evolve and Bold) sets itself apart from other electric fireplaces on the market, with its surprising realism and unrivalled beauty.
Thanks to new patented flame technology, these fireplaces reproduce the charm and ambience of a real wood fire.
The end-to-end glass provides an ideal panoramic view of the flickering flames from every angle.
With no need for chimneys or gas lines, Ignite® fireplaces are ideal for residential and high-rise installations.

Dimplex Ignite Evolve 50-inch linear electric fireplace insert (from $3399.99 Also available in 60, 74 and 100 inches)

As the fireplace industry evolves, so does Dimplex’s Ignite series. The new Ignite Evolve (available in 50, 60, 74 and 100 inches) pushes the boundaries to suit both modern and traditional spaces. Enjoy ultra-realistic flames, enhanced by shards of glass in varying shades and larger-than-life driftwood. Transform your space with Ignite® Evolve.


Adjust the speed of the flame with five intensity settings to create the perfect atmosphere to suit your mood or the room.
New glass chip ornaments with translucent colors: amber, anthracite and white, and new driftwood ornaments molded from real wood logs.
Dimplex’s patented flame technology produces vivid, realistic flames to recreate the look of a traditional fire.
Compatible with the Flame Connect app, which lets you control your fireplace with your phone.

– New multi-layer color effect that gives an impression of depth. Color settings can be controlled independently or combined with one of five preset options.
– Ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the fireplace’s brightness to suit the room, or customize it using a range of predefined colors.
– Elegant ember bed with a variety of elements, including large and small acrylic crystals and natural-looking driftwood.
– LED flame technology
– Direct connection to one circuit possible – 120 V, 240 V
– On-screen display
– Sleep mode
– Preset and customized color effects
– Built-in smart technology provides maintenance and operating information

Controls :
– Flame Connect mobile app
– Multifunction remote control
– Integrated controls (Standby, heater on/off, thermostat, brightness, flame themes)

120 V, 240 V with neutral wire
Watts: 1500 W, 2500 W
BTU: 5000/8530
Amps: 12.5 / 10.4

Heating: forced-air circulation
Linear bottom: Steel

From $3399.99 (default on our online store for the purchase of a 50″, otherwise see options below for extras for the purchase of a 60″, 74″ or 100″)

Product codes: 50in: 500002573 ; 60in: 500002574 ; 74in: 500002608 ; 100in: 500002563

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Ignite® Evolve Linear Electric Fireplace | Dimplex (glendimplexamericas.com)


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