ORION MULTI by Modern Flames: a virtual, electric linear fireplace, with the Most Versatile Installation Options : 1, 2 or 3 sided. Starts at $6655 for the 52″ (also available in 60″, 76″, 100″ & 120″)


Experience the innovative Orion virtual fireplace that utilizes the most optimized technology, creating the most life like-fire in an electric fireplace.

Starts at $6655 (52 inches, see below for options : also available in these sizes: 60”, 76”, 100” & 120″)

Multi-Sided Electric Fireplace Featuring NEW HELIOVISION® Flame Technology.

One Fireplace Fits All : The Orion Linear Electric Fireplace with the Most Versatile Installation Options.

Front View, Left Corner, Right Corner, Bay
Built-In Clean Face or Wall Mount
Wall Mount Installs Only 1 ½” From the Wall

Features NEW HELIOVISION® Flame Technology
18” High Viewing Area – 5″ Deep Ember Bed
3 Flame Patterns – 6 Flame Colors
Adjustable Flame Speed
Ambient Crackling Sound
Multi-Color Ember Bed
Multi-Color Downlighting
Multi-Dimensional Flame Appearance

Black Reflective Glass
Western Driftwood Log Set

5,000 or 10,000 BTU Heater
Energy Efficient Electric Fireplace
High Efficiency PTC Ceramic Heater

WiFi Controlled via Modern Flames App
Handheld Remote Control
Built-in Touch Controls
Alexa or Google Home Smart Home Platform

$6655 for the 52″ (or add $606 for 60″, $3026 for 76″, $5447 for 100″ or $9078 for 100″)

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