Decoflame Ambiance Ethanol Fireplace (In-person purchases only: no delivery)


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(In-person purchases only: no delivery)

This self-contained and elegant Decoflame ethanol fireplace can be hung on the wall. The Ambience will entertain you from any angle in the room. It is available in black or burgundy. It is ULC / ORD certified in Canada. With its mesmerizing flames, the Ambiance will keep you in harmony while offering you a warm atmosphere.

1 burner of 1.7L – 6500 BTU – duration of about 4 to 6 hours

Does not require a fireplace, paper or wood to light, produce a real flame, works without electricity and can be installed in almost any room in the home or office.

CAUTION: We suggest that you check with your insurance company / local authorities for current regulations and details before placing your order.