Ecosmart cube -Ethanol Fireplace

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5 859.00 $

Ethanol Fireplace

The Cube is the most compact of Ecosmart’s designer fireplaces – a cleverly designed, square-shaped fireplace that will complement a variety of interiors, including units, apartments, houses, or commercial premises such as offices, bars and restaurants. An ideal solution for smaller spaces! The Cube is a freestanding piece of furniture, which comprises a completely stainless steel firebox that is designed to accept the EcoSmart Burner. The square fascia and the Cube’s sleek surrounds are enhanced by a stainless steel shadow line, which supports attachment by the wind screen. The Cube is the ideal choice for tenants seeking a portable fireplace solution. As with the rest of the Designer Fireplaces, the Cube is fuelled by liquid Bioethanol, an environmentally friendly, renewable energy. Demo already used.