Dimplex Opti-Myst® OLF 46 inches Electric Linear Vapor Fireplace/Insert Box (Water Mist) * 20 % rebate until June 16, 2024 *


Experience a lifelike fire with the new Opti-Myst® 46 inches Linear (also available in 66 and 86 inches formats)

Patented vapor flame technology and advanced LED lighting work together to flawlessly imitate true flames and smoke.

Opti-Myst reinvents the future of fireplaces with its safe, sustainable, and state-of-the-art design.

  • Opti-Myst® uses patented technology to produce water vapor that closely imitates true flames and smoke.

  • Flames do not generate heat, the glass is cool to touch, making it safe for everyone.

  • Advanced, multicolor LED lighting projects onto the flames to help create the fire illusion.

  • The Opti-Myst® Linear includes wi-fi enabled options. Control your fireplace from anywhere with the Dimplex Flame Connect App.

  • Acrylic Ice and Driftwood included